Warren McDougall, RPC

Cultural Safety and Restorative Justice Consultant

Warren is an Indigenous clinical counsellor and consultant, specializing in stress-related illnesses known as addiction, anxiety, depression, grief, lateral violence, and trauma. His introduction to restorative justice was a very personal experience. By challenging his worldview and generational beliefs, restorative justice provided the impetus for change that allowed Warren to free himself from the cycle of intergenerational trauma, substance use, and conflict with the justice system. Warren views restorative justice as being part of an overall approach to living; building communities and relationships that can have preventive impacts not only in the realms of community safety and justice but in terms of health and mental health outcomes.

Warren has been a lifelong advocate for community, from his childhood years idolizing the cartoon hero, Underdog. Indeed, much of his trauma in childhood was a result of his being bullied for speaking out against racism and lateral violence in his community. While incarcerated, Warren co-founded and coordinated the Matsqui Prisoners Advocacy and Conciliation Team, whose mandate was to promote respect for human rights and the rule of law within Canadian penitentiaries. This objective was met by training long-term prisoners to apply law and policy to advocate and mediate for their peers, reducing conflict among and between staff and prisoners and improving prisoners’ access to needed programs and services. The program also addressed systemic needs by lobbying for change at institutional, regional, and national policy levels. As a result of this work Warren was invited to join the Board of Directors for the West Coast Prison Justice Society and BC’s Prison Legal Services, where he served for almost six years.

Over the past decade, Warren moved into counselling with a desire to continue helping people overcome disadvantage and marginalization. Warren has supported people as an Opioid Agonist Treatment counsellor, as a coordinator and facilitator for Fraser Health’s intensive, community-based treatment programs, and by developing and leading a pilot program for First Nations Health Authority which offers clinical support in Indigenous communities. None of this work would have been possible without building a strong sense of relationship and community.

More recently, in 2020 Warren was a co-lead consultant in the development of new, standardized training for Gladue Writers in BC. In early 2021 was invited to join the Board of Directors of the Restorative Justice Association of BC.

Warren is a father, a grandfather, and likes to listen more than he speaks. He recalls fondly that his aunties used to call him “Little Ghost,” as he seemed always to be watching and listening but came and went without making much noise. He enjoys being in Nature, in peace, and in community.

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